people watching: 26 april

i have a thing where i like to watch people. pree sure people-watching is a thing, more so when you have a lot of time for yourself, by yourself.

i wrote this on a thursday (upon realizing that i needed another book just to write down what i saw or how i felt on that day aka some sort of diary), but this was going on last wednesday.

i sat next to a cute guy at the bus on my way back. well kinda. i didn’t notice his face much before i took a few more peeks. thought he’s with this group of school kids right across me. but then i thought otherwise; they didn’t seem to know each other.

y’know how you see someone and then you part wats just like that at your destination? the guy was still there tho. he stepped off the same stop as me, and thought, well that’s that. apparently he was going to the same platform as me on the train. i dunno if he noticed me looking at him on intervals, or if he thought i was following him.

saw a man with a book. looks like he was inking something–he was, tho. my sight kept going back and forth from the man standing across me to the cute guy from the bus. he moved a bit further to sit down instead. i kept stealing looks at him tho.

the train’s AC kept blasting on my face throughout the whole trip home. it sucked monkey balls tho. good thing i got my cardigan on.

i wondered where the guy would be stepping off. maybe he lives a lil further.

i missed out, but i think he stepped off at either three or two stops away from mine. so i guess he didn’t live that far from me. maybe i’ll see him again, maybe not. that’s that, i guess.

the man with the book left too. i think he also lives nearby. there was a girl next to me the whole time with that big portfolio briefcase art students always carry. throughout the trip home, everyone was staring at their phones, either texting, or watching stuff, or the usual FB.

my friend texted me. we were going to meet up for dinner. her boyfriend couldn’t stay long, tho he did want to drop by and say hi. i do miss him.

my foot kept hurting for the rest of the day (still does till now), maybe coz i’d been standing too long. i still doubt it can heal even when i try losing weight.


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