life’s unexpected gifts

my birthday was yesterday. when you get to your late 20s, to be honest, you don’t really expect so much on your birthdays. not presents, not cakes, near nothing.

then again, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something special, right?

you can be all Charlie Bucket and buy yourself a chocolate everytime your birthday comes up. you can be your own guest and splurge yourself with fancy dining anywhere or just at your favorite burger joint. you can pree much spend probably half of what you earn for a living for some all-out shopping without even bother looking at the price tag. (i’d like that someday soon)

i digress.

what started as a simple invitation turned into something genuinely unexpected.

my sister had planned a cookout for our birthday (hers and mine are just 3 days apart) a few days back. it was simple and lovely, really.

what made it even better for me was the people who came for it.

or rather, the people i didn’t expect to be coming.

i half-expected only three of my friends to come.

i wasn’t expecting my friend to ASK NEARLY EVERYONE HE MET TO COME OVER TO MY HOUSE FOR COOKOUT. which, including him, ended up being nearly 12 people!

it’s the lil lovely things in life that you don’t expect to get, and makes our life more interesting and fun. i got to know seven new friends and shared so much laughs with them last night, and i think that’s some of the best presents i ever had.

of course, not forgetting the lil surprise cheesecake i got at work just before i clocked out. i actually teared up a little.

it makes working on Labour Day a lil less stressful, to be fair.


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