Thank You, I’m Sorry, Goodbye…

I didn’t think i would need to write something bittersweet so early into 2018, but not writing anything for this day would probably be some kind of disservice for the one furbaby i’m about to refer to.

Yes, furbaby.

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an old MJ tribute i’ve nearly forgotten about [edited]

i was casually browsing through my files for some ol school Backstreet Boys songs to add in my music player, and i stumbled upon this old piece i wrote during my internship in 2012 that prolly never got published. but hey, who says i can’t publish it myself even if nobody’s there to read it?

believe me, i wrote this with enough knowledge that i have not just as a fan but (briefly) a researcher, since this was meant for a newspaper. there’s also some extra tidbit i added for extra improvement (kinda?), but i digress.

EDIT [12-8-2017]: i decided to move the tribute piece to my other blog. i’d like to keep this one more casual ish, i guess. oh well.

life’s unexpected gifts

my birthday was yesterday. when you get to your late 20s, to be honest, you don’t really expect so much on your birthdays. not presents, not cakes, near nothing.

then again, it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something special, right?

you can be all Charlie Bucket and buy yourself a chocolate everytime your birthday comes up. you can be your own guest and splurge yourself with fancy dining anywhere or just at your favorite burger joint. you can pree much spend probably half of what you earn for a living for some all-out shopping without even bother looking at the price tag. (i’d like that someday soon)

i digress.

what started as a simple invitation turned into something genuinely unexpected.

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So i made a writing blog.

I don’t know how long i can keep up without writing or doing anything creative, much less getting a job that requires me to be creative and keep on writing. but hopefully with this page, i can try and get back on my writing groove again, and just generally be creative in a sense.

let’s see how it goes. i hope it goes well along the way. writing with pen and paper is a bit of a hassle in my part anyway. i tend to almost not be able to read my own penmanship lmao